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Crying Suspension Dorm Staff

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 08:42 AM


According to Madelina, Yansin clearly stated that "Who ever staff is working on Tuesday morning can transport her to the airport, he will notify DM a head of time". However, on that Tuesday morning Madelina asked Witson to take her because she already ask permission from DM. She was assuming that Yansin already notify DM last Monday.On the other hand, the YSO students were ready to go to the PICS field to dance on the very same day. They made request for their trip. Yansin came in to work after the bus left to the airport. The next thing we know was a report for Witson violating on of the policies. Finally, DM came in and happily made the report for Witson suspension along with Yansin. Yansin denied the truth. He lied to the DM.

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