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What Is The Logic Behind Saying Piracy Is Stealing?

16 minutes ago


I feel like a lot of people want to pat themselves on the back and tell themselves " I'm such a good person for spending money on this " when the reality is that while you do support the developers, people torrenting it would've likely never spent on it in the first place. At least they're getting some free publicity when said people make youtube videos or post in the games' forums, increasing traffic.
But had said torrenters never torrented that game, nothing would've changed. It's that " if no one hears a tree fall, does it really make sound? " thing.
I don't see the difference between one dude buying a show and then putting it on torrent for others to use and me inviting over 10 people to watch Game of Thrones on my cable TV. In both cases people watch it for free. What's the deal here?

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Calculation Of The Radial Force Of The Rotor Of A Motor.?

36 minutes ago


I am anlyzing the force acting on a rotor of the switched reluctance motor in a 2D transient model.
The solver "MagnetoDynamics2D" is used to solve the potential, and the "MagnetoDynamicsCalcFields" is used to extract the distribution of flux density, and also the magnetic torque and force acting on the rotor.
I find the nodal force are saved in the vtu results. But I want to know how to calculate the scalar radial force in X and Y direction acting on the rotor, and save them in the .dat file?

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Stay Or Remove From Game?

38 minutes ago


Let's be honest, titanforging has just created more problems than it has done good. It creates massive ilvl inflation, and rewards people who don't deserve that kind of gear.
So do you think it should be removed in the next expansion and go back to just warforged based on difficulty setting of the raid?.So if you raided Normal, gear could only proc up ten ilvls before you needed to raid a higher difficulty to get better gear.
Should titanforged gear stay in the game or be removed alltogether?

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One Interior Designer Fights Back.?

39 minutes ago


As both a new member to Archinect and a successful student in a respected graduate interior design program, I've been a little dismayed at all the vitriol directed at interior designers.I keep coming across comments like "interior designers are stealing our money" and "time was, architects designed their own interiors." Well, time was, sofas were carved out of stone and Frank Lloyd Wright designed rolling task chairs with 3 legs. We live in an age of specialization, in everything from architecture and design to professional sports. Do you sit around on Sundays with a beer in your hand and bemoan the existence of the "third down back" in football or the "set-up man" in baseball?

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Interior Designer Working In India

09 December 2017 - 07:43 AM


We are an interior design firm in California and in contract negotiations for two hotel projects in India. The scope is to create a mock-up room (conceptual design), with no procurement.Can anyone provide any advice regarding working with Indian-based companies?

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